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Saturday, 19 July 2014
Lost in thought
There have been a lot of changes going on in my life during the past week... ok, if I'm being honest this whole month has been a curveball. Moving had me fretting to begin with but the timeline for that has been moved up a year. I'm pretending to be calm but inside I'm a mess of panic and stress packing and all sorts of emotions. This move will be the final move away from my small, waterfront town. The move is the best thing for us but I can't help but be a little sad, I love everything about the water and the boats that routinely peruse the harbour. I often steal away from my grocery shopping to wander down by the water, always in sandals like these. They are from BOOM and are made for both genders which I'll admit, made me squeak. I've been looking for a really great pair since last summer and these have the best detailing I've seen. The even look as comfy as the real thing.


I don't know about you but I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for something new to come from IKON, his really are my favourite eyes and wow these Immortal eyes (I'm wearing the mortal version) are stunning and so different. If you hurry there is a green pair as a group gift! This hair has made it around the blog world a few times over already but it is love... I haven't taken it off since I bought it aside from quick Hair Fair photos. It comes with a female version that has a bit more length and poof and I'm loving how it is wavy and almost soft curls.

Photo one

Hair : TRUTH : Tom : light browns

Skin : Fruk : Jeremy skin : shade 3 Light Brown

Ears : Hebenon Vial : Pierced! Ears : FROST Special Edition

Top : FATEwear : Shaw : Tundra

Shorts : ISON MAN @ The Mens Dept : denim cut-off : sea

Sandals : BOOM @ Collabor88 : Tired Sole {Requires Slink Flat feet}*

Hands : Slink : Male Mesh Hands : Relax

Nails : Ama. : Black Chipped Polish

Feet : Slink : Male Mesh Feet : Flat

Pose : Lalochezia : Grool 3

Photo two

Hair : TRUTH : Tom : light browns

Skin : Fruk : Jeremy skin : shade 3 Light Brown

Ears : Hebenon Vial : Pierced! Ears : FROST Special Edition

Eyes : IKON : Immortal Eyes : Denim (New!)

Top : FATEwear : Desmond : LondonAlley

Pose : Lalochezia : Grool 4

You've heard this over and over again but I'm going to bring it up myself. Back. Up. Your. Work. This week the unimaginable happened, my laptop decided to not get past the boot screen and I had to try to do an emergency backup. It failed and I lost the last week or so of work, my blender files, a bunch of photos, and personal files. needless to say I am not impressed and a bit embarassed that I'm so bad at backing things up. You've got options, I'm going with a dropbox, an external hard drive, and a password manager.

<3 Ama
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