Monday, 18 August 2014
There's nothing like scaling a brownstone to get the week started right, or something like that. I spent a long evening teleporting around trying to find a decent place to take these. It was downright frustrating every time I found a lovely place without temp rez on. I know, your sim your rules and that's perfectly fair.


Anyway I ended up stumbling across New York City, a beautiful sim with some shopping and most importantly, a great atmosphere.
These Shoes Though

Speaking of shopping, a few weeks back I showed off the naturals version of this unisex hair. I'm back with the specials pack that MINA has released at Kustom9... I've been wearing it for days and I have no intention of taking it off any time soon.


On Ama

Hair : MINA @KUSTOM 9 : Brett : Ombres 1.0

Skin : Fruk : Jeremy : Shade 3 Light Brown

Suit : FATEwear : Edward G : Void

Shoes : Kauna @The Black Fair : Oxfords : Black

Poses : double take : rico suave, double take : rico suave , double take : rough and tumble
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