FATE favourites part two

Tuesday, 2 September 2014
The other day Ama showed you his favourites and it's my turn to share mine. There's a lot of Doctor Who love below and a trip to Hogwarts so dive on in or just run over to FATEwear and FATEplay to spoil yourself with the 50% off sale that runs until September 10th.


First up I dressed up as Rose, my favourite companion and hung around the TARDIS for a while. I know, wrong console but let's pretend she went exploring previous regenerations. The set doesn't come with shoes but these Raggedy Man heels from fri.day are so cute with the rest of the costume. As for the hair, not something we ever saw her in but I can'y get over how awesome this new hair from TRUTH is, you can pick it up at Uber for 200L in all of the usual colour packs.


I borrowed Ama for this one, after all what is a companion without her Doctor. His costume comes with the option to not wear the jacket. I went with the original versions for all of the outfits I bought and so did he.

Magic Shopping

Finally I donned my school uniform and wandered Hogsmeade in search of potions and maybe a rat of my own. I'm more of a rat person than an owl person and someday soon I will have furry rat babies of my own again. Fingers crossed.

Photo One

Hair : TRUTH @Uber : TRUTH : Rogue {messy}

Skin : Pink Fuel : Harley : Crystal

Ears : AITUI @The Arcade : Gen 4 ACRYL*IMALS : Grey Rat

Hands : Slink : Mesh Hands : Casual and Flat {With pink Fuel appliers}

Feet : Slink : Mesh Feet : Mid {With Pink Fuel appliers}

Costume : FATEplay : Billie : Original

Shoes : fri.day : Raggedy.Man Heels

Pose : double take : sitting pretty : silent grace

Photo Two

On Cat

Hair : Magika : Meow : HUD01

Skin : Pink Fuel : Harley : Crystal

Ears : AITUI @The Arcade : Gen 4 ACRYL*IMALS : Grey Rat

Hands : Slink : Mesh Hands : Casual {With pink Fuel appliers}

Costume : FATEplay : Karen : Original

On Ama

Hair : Dura : Boy49 : coffee

Skin : Fruk : Jeremy : Shade 3 Light Brown

Ears : CheerNo : Human Ears : PLUG open

Hands : Slink : Male Hands : Relax

Costume : FATEplay : Matt : Original

Pose : PURPLE POSES : Friends 100

Photo Three

Hair : Magika : meow : HUD01

Skin : Pink Fuel : Harley : Crystal

Costume : FATEplay - Jenny - Hufflepuff Black

Pose : !bang : good 1m {past enchantment prize}

<3 Cat
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