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Thursday, 6 November 2014

I seem to be on a run of scary or bloody or just creepy photos, sorrynotsorry. This demonic skin from Izzie's is insanely creepy even more so as you reveal more of the body. The skin is littered with wounds, bruises, and the word "soon" carved into the leg. *shudders* It's creepy especially if you pair it with the demonic eyes she has up for sale. They come in black or white and with a set of horns.

This hair from Mina is dipped in splattered blood for that extra creep factor, the blood set is a separate package with white, blonde, ginger, brunette, and black. If you want a non bloody version of this you can get all of the regular shades without it.

These shoes are to die for... see what I did there! But seriously, these are edgy and unique and feminine without being girly. I think they would look great with a pencil skirt or even a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater.

Kindred Spirits

Sweet Sacrifice has come up with this one for Fit For a princess and I've gotta say, it was easy to fit both of us onto it with minimal adjustments. Cryssie and I are such different heights that it makes my day when a pose just works for us.

We're both in the delightful lingerie from erratic. The corset does come with the option of a non see through panel in the front so you don't see the bones.

She's wearing hers with the Slink Physique and it fits like a dream, I'm wearing the regular avatar body and it also fits perfectly. I love seeing things that are fitting onto mesh bodies as well as regular bodies so we have options. Of course my wardrobe isn't complete this spooky season without those bloody dipped fingers from Ama., I've been wearing them so much I've had to retake photos because I forgot they were there.

Photo one

Hair : MINA @UBER : Jezebeth : Bloody

Skin : Izzie's @UBER : Qopi Slaughter Skin

Eyes : Izzie's @UBER : Demon MESH Eyes : black

Hands : Slink : Mesh Hands : Casual {With pink Fuel appliers}

Feet : Slink : Mesh Feet : Mid {With Pink Fuel appliers}

Lingerie : erratic @UBER : giselle lingerie : pink

Corset : erratic @UBER : alexis corset : skeleton pink

Hand Blood : Ama. : Adorable Evil

Shoes : @UBER : Eve Heels : Ghost

Pose : marukin : nymph : icons of myth 2

Photo two

On Cat

Hair : TRUTH @UBER : Ambrosia : gingers

Skin : Pink Fuel : Doll v2: Crystal

Hands : Slink : Mesh Hands : Casual {With pink Fuel appliers}

Lingerie : erratic @UBER : giselle lingerie : pink

Corset : erratic @UBER : alexis corset : skeleton pink

Hand Blood : Ama. : Adorable Evil

On Cryssie

Hair : MINA @UBER : Jezebeth : Bloody

Skin : League : Erin Pale

Hands : Slink : Mesh Hands : Casual {With League Appliers}

Body : Slink : Physique Mesh Body V1.4 {With League Appliers}

Lingerie : erratic @UBER : giselle lingerie : black

Corset : erratic @UBER : alexis corset : skeleton black

Hand Blood : Ama. : Adorable evil

Boots : Hucci @UBER : Deale Boots : Midnight

Pose : Sweet Sacrifice @Fit For a Princess : Kindred spirits

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