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Sunday, 15 March 2015
This was supposed to happen yesterday but um Ama lay down on the couch and fell asleep and the entire day went poof. Yeah. March 18th will mark a brand new adventure for the FATE brand, Damian has branched out into shoes with 20 fully customizable shoes to pick from, 10 of those are for women, 8 for men and 2 unisex pairs of chucks.

Each pair comes with a HUD to control various areas on the shoe, allowing you to pick between pre- made textures or tint to your hearts desire. They fit the standard avatar feet as well as Slink for the men and Slink and Maitreya for the women's shoes. The pairs come with optional socks, if you want something fancier you can pick up additional texture HUDs.

Step this way

My personal favourites are Anthony because they are boots that fit under the jeans. I know... sounds simple... I have purchased so many boots in the past that fit with nothing.

Ziggy - Nylon1

Ben - Stiller2

Matthew - Anthony3

Owen - Wilson4

Paul - Hogan5

Photo one

Skin : Pink Fuel : Ash : Peach

Hands : Slink : Male Hands : Relax {With Pink Fuel appliers}

Jacket : Addams @The Mens Dept : Worn Out Biker Jacket : Black

Scarf : Addams @The Mens Dept : Scarf : Black

Jeans : FATEwear : Straight Billy

Shoes : FATEstep : Anthony Boots*

Pose : {Included in the van}

Scene : [Consignment] @Col labor88 : Bluebird Cuddle Van


Shorts : ::K:: @The Mens Dept : Casual Shorts : Navy

Feet : Slink : Male Feet : Flat {With Pink Fuel appliers}

Photo one

Shoes : FATEstep : Ziggy Chucks, Nylon Chucks

Pose : oOo Studio Poses : homme : seven, five

Photo two

Shoes : FATEstep :Ben Shoes, Stiller Shoes

Pose : oOo Studio Poses : homme two, four

Photo three

Shoes : FATEstep : Matthew Boots, Anthony Boots

Pose : oOo Studio Poses : Homme : seven, one

Photo four

Shoes : FATEstep : Owen Moccasins, Wilson Moccasins

Pose : oOo Studio Poses : homme : six, two

photo five

Shoes : FATEstep : Paul WIngtips, Hogan Wingtips

Pose : oOo Studio Poses : homme freebie, three

A little bird might have hinted that these are already up on the marketplace...

<3 Ama
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