Ama. Release Lovely Chastity

Sunday, 23 August 2015
Ama. Lovely Chastity Promo

Lovely Chastity has the choice of Cock cages or female belt. The cages come eith a curved fit that works with the Axiom cock by Aeros and a straighter version. Both are modifiable unrigged mesh. The bells are texture change in the regular packs and the fatpack is HUD controlled for the bows and bells. Included is an OpenCollar version that makes it lockable along with most other OC options, there is also an unscripted version.

Grab them at a discount during the event in Pink, Yellow, Turquoise, White, violet, or the fatpack.

The Fatpack is part of the 48 hour sale

Classically Kinky runs August 15th - August 31st.

<3 Ama.
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