Farewell 2015

Thursday, 31 December 2015
Happy New Year! 2016

What is it about this time of year that leads one into desires of becoming an entirely new person?  Sure, I would love to wake up January 1st in a body that doesn't hurt with slim hips and a chest that only follows the curve of the muscles beneath the skin but that's not possible and if I'm completely honest, not really what I would want. There is so much beauty in the growth process, so much to learn from the struggles, and so much value to be had in living through all of it. You grow from your struggles.

My goals for 2016 life are based in experiences rather than hard facts or numbers.

I will love myself better. That means drink more water, move more, make better food choices, laugh more, nurture my creativity and my body in ways I have neglected.

I will continue to improve my skills in everything I do. This means I will take on challenges, and I will say yes to things that are difficult while acknowledging my fears of failure.

I will ignore the comments, if I must scroll down to read I will refrain from jabbing the batshit crazy with my opinions. I may not be perfect all of the time but I will speak with more kindness, more joy and more optimism because I'm pretty happy and optimistic. It makes no sense to do otherwise.

I will continue with my minimalism journey. Own less, live and explore more. This includes dealing with the nightmares that are my SL inventories.

Business goals are simple, stay on the path I am on. It has been an amazing year for Ama. and if the coming year continues in the same way that would be great.

I will prepare in advance of my move so I don't have to slow or cut my event schedule that month.

That's it for me. I'm already halfway dressed for the annual party we attend to make the end of the year special. I love you all.

 <3 Ama 
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