Ama. Blogger Applications

Please note, while the list is always open we don't check often when we're not doing a blogger search.

We're pretty easy going around here but there are a few rules :

We want to see two posts per month minimum. More is nice, of course.

Full credits only, preferably including slurls. Partial credits and sponsor only credits will not be accepted. Want an idea of what we expect for this, check this blog and

Cryssie Carver is your contact in case of any issues. Message her for anything.

Social media is not the place to vent any product issues, you're part of our team now and we expect you to be a positive part of our marketing. Don't like something, don't blog it, don't be a dick.

We will not be chasing you if you do not meet requirements, there are no warnings. You are all adults and capable of keeping track of your own responsibilities.

We would like to know if there is any amount of time that you won't be blogging, just drop a nc on Cryssie Carver or Amadeo Dubratt.

 Please post your photos in our flickr group.

Want to stalk us on Plurk, stalker? Ama is over here

We are both really excited to see what you come up with.

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